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Keep your team focused on selling and let EBQUICKSTART bring the customers to you.
Our lead generation specialists will cold call on behalf of your company and deliver
valuable, qualified meetings for your sales reps.



It can take years to develop a knowledgeable, effective, results driven sales and marketing department. Or it can take a single phone call – to EBQuickstart.

We are the proven experts in lead generation cold calling as well as every phase of the sales and marketing cycle and our “department mentality” provides an altogether unique approach that continues to generate tangible results. Whether your company simply needs to fill holes in the existing structure, or a complete sales and marketing solution – EBQuickstart offers services including Data Management, Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales and Customer Service.

Let us bring the customers and revenue to you.


Our Data Management Department can provide quality databases to support our clients’ ever-changing sales and marketing needs. We identify the companies and decision makers who buy your products and services.


Our Marketing Department can create graphics and marketing collateral, design and manage your company’s website, blog and social media presence, and facilitate marketing campaigns that drive results.


Our Lead Generation Department calls on behalf of your company and sets qualified, valuable meetings for your sales team. We leverage a solution based sales approach that is not reliant on scripts.


Our Sales Department builds and maintains ongoing professional relationships with your prospects. We identify sales opportunities for your company, address any issues and work to close deals.


Our Customer Service Department interacts directly with your existing clients. We can conduct new client on-boarding sessions, process inquiries and provide information on additional products and services.

Our Satisfied Customers

  • “I’ve worked with a lot of sourced vendor support over the years, and I can readily say that EBQuickstart has earned my professional respect for their extensive capabilities and business acumen as well as my personal trust and confidence that OKI’s business was in good hands and being cared for as if it was their own. I look forward to working with EBQuickstart in the future and would highly recommend them for a wide variety of sales, marketing and operational support projects.”

    Jackie Paralis, Senior Marketing Manager
    Jackie Paralis, Senior Marketing ManagerOKI Data
  • "EBQ provides their entire system with the Department structure. We definitely see the value of the service and look forward to continuing our service next year as well."

    Scott Collins, Director of Business Development & Sales
    Scott Collins, Director of Business Development & SalesSynapticore
  • “If you are going to be unsuccessful in a market, you want to fail fast and cheap then change direction and try again. EBQuickstart enables you to do so; they have a low cost solution with a high ROI . No one can target sales like EBQuickstart.”

    Brian Cahak, CEO
    Brian Cahak, CEOMembers Private Sale
  • “In the end, EBQuickstart enabled us to retain 80 percent of our customer base, which translates into more than $1.7 million dollars worth of business. Because of this campaign’s success we have continued to use them.”

    Nate Pruitt, VP of Sales & Marketing
    Nate Pruitt, VP of Sales & MarketingAsure Software
  • “I can’t imagine a case where it’s not worth giving EBQ a shot. They have a well-proven record of reaching C-suite execs at the largest companies, and securing meetings with the right people at those organizations. EBQ was instrumental to our current success.”

    Scott Crosby, COO
    Scott Crosby, COOEuclid Elements
  • “EBQuickstart was able to secure the right meetings with the right people – and we were able to close deals. Our team at EBQuickstart has met every goal we have given them and that’s the reason we continue to use them. ”

    Brian Finnerty, VP of Marketing
    Brian Finnerty, VP of MarketingInnerWorkings
  • “Perhaps the greatest benefit of an outsourced sales team is the scalability it offers. I can add people as I have increased volume to support them, instead of incurring the expense of hiring and training an internal sales team based on projections. Using an outsourced sales team is very cost-effective.”

    Bill Balcezak, President and General Manager
    Bill Balcezak, President and General ManagerJournyx
  • “I really do feel like EBQ has become an extension of our own internal sales and marketing team. They provide a seamless integration with reps and prospects.”

    Russ Hellmann, Director, Channel and Integrated Marketing
    Russ Hellmann, Director, Channel and Integrated MarketingSonus
  • “All of EBQ’s proactive processes save time and effort on my part and they give me the confidence that we have chosen the right partner for our project. They understand the overall sales message and product overview, provide easy to read reports, hold weekly meetings with the project team and if adjustments are needed they are discussed and implemented. EBQ makes it extremely easy to do business with them, and for smaller companies with executives that have multiple responsibilities – this is huge.”

    Doug Fisher, Executive Vice President
    Doug Fisher, Executive Vice PresidentFTNI
  • “The thing that takes the most effort and expertise is getting in the door with target C-level prospects, and this is where EBQ has been simply outstanding. Our fundamental strategy is now based on their efforts.”

    Mark Komisky, COO
    Mark Komisky, COOOculis Labs
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